The Thief of Wishes

When the future of all depends on one wish…
…even the simplest dream can become a curse.
A brave and book-loving girl, who defends the dream distorted by a mysterious monster.

Meet Catharine

About story

Travel through the corrupted area, talk to people and decide what to do with the last coin or reveal the secret of the magic Fountain.


is a story which will take you again into a fairy tale world – where “…and they lived happily ever after” is only one of many possible endings and nothing is as simple as it looks.

Thief of Wishes

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  • Atmosphere of traditional fairy tales
  • Journey through two different worlds
  • More than 40 beautiful pages
  • Alternative dialogue options
  • Different endings
  • Quaint music

Information for parents

“The Thief of Wishes” is an interactive book that will allow your child to choose their own dialogue options and track their consequences through different endings.

The application develops creative thinking, reading skills, and explores themes such as fulfillment or giving up dreams, giving parents a convenient tool for discussing them with their kids.